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Unlock Your Business Potential with Real-Time Valuation

Ebitator is designed for business owners to provide a clear and accurate overview of their business value in real-time.

Ebitator offers the opportunity for owners to sell their company or shares at the most opportune moment.

Join Ebitator today and start monitoring the growth of your business value in real-time.

    Target Audience

    One of the main challenges in cooperation between entrepreneurs, buyers and investors is the lack of a reliable information channel to facilitate smooth information exchange.


    Business owners utilize Ebitator to monitor and manage their company’s value in real-time. The platform enables them to prepare exit strategies, optimize business processes, and handle company sales. It is particularly beneficial for owners considering retirement, looking to attract new investments, or those wishing to avoid bankruptcy by selling the business before facing greater difficulties.


    Investors, such as venture capitalists and angel investors, use Ebitator to find investment projects that meet their criteria. The platform provides comprehensive market analysis and due diligence tools, helping investors make informed decisions and manage portfolio risks.


    Business consultants use Ebitator to offer customized advice to their clients. The platform’s data-driven approach allows them to analyze client business operations and provide strategic recommendations that enhance company value and streamline business processes.

    The Ebitator Platform


    What does Ebitator offer?

    Real-Time Business Valuation

    Ebitator utilizes advanced analytical tools to assess the value of businesses in real-time, providing owners with continuous insights into their company’s financial status. This allows owners to make informed decisions and respond quickly to market changes.

    Share Valuation Tool

    The platform distinguishes each shareholder’s contribution by showing the precise value of individual shares. This feature is particularly useful in companies with multiple shareholders, where it is necessary to account for each shareholder’s separate impact on the total value of the company.

    Capital Raising Support

    The platform provides tools and resources for raising capital, whether through the sale of existing shares or seeking new investment. Ebitator helps owners prepare investment proposals and connect with potential investors.

    Market Analysis and Comparative Analysis

    Ebitator offers comprehensive market analysis and comparative assessments, enabling owners to understand their company’s position relative to competitors. This helps identify growth opportunities and potential risks.

    Personalized Recommendations

    The platform uses artificial intelligence to offer personalized recommendations for improving business processes and increasing value. These recommendations are based on specific company data and market trends.