What Ebitator Offers?

Real-Time Business Valuation

Ebitator utilizes advanced analytical tools to assess the value of businesses in real-time, providing owners with continuous insights into their company’s financial status. This allows owners to make informed decisions and respond quickly to market changes.

Share Valuation Tool

The platform distinguishes each shareholder’s contribution by showing the precise value of individual shares. This feature is particularly useful in companies with multiple shareholders, where it is necessary to account for each shareholder’s separate impact on the total value of the company.

Exit Strategy Planning

Ebitator helps business owners plan and execute exit strategies, offering advice and tools for selecting the best selling time and strategy. This ensures that owners receive maximum returns from their investment.

Capital Raising Support

The platform provides tools and resources for raising capital, whether through the sale of existing shares or seeking new investment. Ebitator helps owners prepare investment proposals and connect with potential investors.

Market Analysis and Comparative Analysis

Ebitator offers comprehensive market analysis and comparative assessments, enabling owners to understand their company’s position relative to competitors. This helps identify growth opportunities and potential risks.

Personalized Recommendations

The platform uses artificial intelligence to offer personalized recommendations for improving business processes and increasing value. These recommendations are based on specific company data and market trends.

Integration with Accounting and Other Systems

Ebitator integrates seamlessly with existing accounting software and other business systems to automatically gather and process data necessary for accurate valuation.

Access and Security

Ensuring high security, Ebitator provides various access levels, allowing owners to manage who sees certain company data. This is crucial for protecting confidential information.

Company Listing for Sale

Ebitator allows business owners to list their company or shares for sale directly on the platform. This includes both complete company sales and share sales, offering flexibility and control over the sales process.

Targeted Offers to Potential Buyers and Investors

The platform uses advanced data analytics to identify potential buyers and investors who may be interested in a particular company or shares. Ebitator sends targeted offers to these interested parties, providing more efficiency and better results in the sales process.

Aftermarket Services

After the sale of a company or shares, Ebitator provides aftermarket services, assisting both the seller and the buyer during the post-transaction transition period. This includes consulting, company integration support, and other assistance to ensure a smooth transition and sustainability after the sale.